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     Tense chart

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    In this article  I am going to discuss in detail about different tenses with the help of tense charts

    tense chart

    Tense chart with helping verb and verb form


    Helping verb

    Verb form

    Present simple tense

    Do does

    First form

    Present continuous


    ing form

    Present perfect

    Has ,have

    Third form

    Present perfect continuous

    Has been , have been

    ing form

    Past simple tense


    2nd or 3rd form

    Past continuous

    Was were

    ing form

    Past perfect


    3rd form

    Past perfect continuous

    Had been

    Ing form

    Future simple


    1st form

    Future continuous

    Will be ,shall be

    Ing form

    Future perfect

    Will have shall have

    3rd form

    Future perfect continuous

    Will have been/shall have been

    ing form

    Tense chart with simple form ,negative form and interrogative form        


    Simple form

    Negative form

    Interrogative form

    Present simple tense

    Subject + verb 1st form+object



    Present continuous




    Present perfect




    Present perfect continuous

    S+has been+have been+V ing + obj

    S+has/have+not been+ V ing+obj

    Has/have+S+been+V ing+OBJ

    Past simple tense


    S+did+not+V ing +OBJ


    Past continuous




    Past perfect


    S+had not+v3+obj


    Past perfect continuous

    S+had/have been+ V ing+OBJ

    S+had/have not been+ V ing +obj

    Had+S+been+V ing +obj

    Future simple




    Future continuous

    S+will be/shall be+Ving+obj

    S+will/shall+not+be+V ing

    Will/shall+s+be+V ing+obj

    Future perfect

    S+will/shall+have+ v3+obj



    Future perfect continuous

    S+will/shall+have been+V ing+obj

    S+will/shall+ not have been+v ing

    Will/shall+S+have/been+V ing+ obj







    Simple present tense                      present continuous tense

    I speak                                                I am speaking

    You speak                                            you are speaking

    He speaks                                             he is speaking

    We speak                                               we are speaking

    They speak                                              they are speaking

    Present perfect tense                        present perfect continuous tense

    I have spoken                                       I have been speaking

    You have spoken                                you have been speaking

    He has spoken                                     he has been speaking

    We have spoken                                we have been speaking

    They have spoken                              they have been speaking

    Simple past tense                               past continuous tense

    I spoke                                                   I Was speaking

    You spoke                                              you were speaking

    He spoke                                              he was speaking

    We spoke                                             we were speaking

    They spoke                                           they were speaking

    Past perfect tense                               past perfect continuous

    i had spoken                                        I had been speaking

    you had spoken                                     you had been speaking

    he had spoken                                      he had been speaking

    we had spoken                                      we had been speaking

    they had spoken                                   they had been speaking

    simple future tense                               future continuous tense

    i shall/will speak                                       I shall/will be speaking

    you will speak                                         you will be speaking

    he will speak                                            he will be speaking

    we shall /will speak                                 we shall/will be speaking

    they will speak                                         they will be speaking

    future perfect tense                              future perfect continuous tense

    I shall/will have spoken                         I shall/will have been speaking

    You will have spoken                              you will have been speaking

    He will have spoken                                he will have been speaking

    We shall/will have spoken                     he shall/will have been speaking

    They will have spoken                             they will have been speaking

    Tense chart explaining examples of affirmative negative and interrogative sentences





    Present simple tense

    I go to school

    I do not go school

    Do I go to school?

    Present continuous

    Iam going to school

    Iam not going to school

    Am I going to school

    Present perfect

    The patient has died

    The patient has not died

    Has the patient died

    Present perfect continuous

    They have been catching fish

    They have not been catching the fish

    Have they been catching the fish

    Past simple tense

    Sobia plucked a flower

    Sobia did not plucked the flower

    Did sobia plucked the flower

    Past continuous

    He was telling a lie

    He was not telling a lie

    Was he telling a lie

    Past perfect

    Arif had told a lie

    Arif had not told a lie

    Had arif told a lie

    Past perfect continuous

    He had been playing since morning

    He had not been playing since morning

    Had he been playing since morning

    Future simple

    Sobia will pluck flowers

    Sobia will not pluck flowers

    Will sobia pluck the flowers

    Future continuous

    He will be solving his sums

    He will not be solving his sums

    Will he be solving his sums

    Future perfect

    He will have been taken his breakfast

    He will not have taken his breakfast

    Will he have taken his breakfast

    Future perfect continuous

    He will have been playing since afternoon

    He will not have been playing since afternoon

    Will he have been playing since morni

    Tense chart explaining passive voice formula


    Passive voice formula

    Present simple tense

    Subject +is/am/are+3rd from of verb+by+agent

    Present continuous tense

    Subject +is/am/are+being+3RD form of verb +by+agent

    Present perfect tense

    Subject +has/have+been+3rd form of verb +by +agent

    Past simple tense

    Subject+was/were+3rd form of verb+by+agent

    Past continuous tense

    Subject+was/were+being+3rd form of verb+by+agent

    Note in passive voice subject will take place of object and object becomes subject

    that was all about tense chart I hope you like this article If you an doubt  feel free to ask in the comment section please give any suggestion or correction in comments below

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