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    what is a verb examples

    What is verb examples?

    Verbs are the most common type of words, as they describe the action or help to express the state of being of an object or someone. When we speak, we use verbs in sentences. Verbs are words that show an action or are used to describe the state of a noun. There are many types of verbs.

    verb definition

    The word verb is derived from the Latin word verbium. the verb is a word that tells us asserts something about a person or thing

    The verb may be telling us

    A person or thing what are doing

    Ahmed laughs 

    Clock strikes 

    What is done to persons or things:

    Ahmed is scolded

    The window is broken

    In which state a person or thing is as

    The dog is dead 

    Feel sorry

    verb kinds

    following are the kinds of verb

    Transitive verb (what is a verb example) :

    The transitive verb is defined as a verb that denotes an action that passes over from the subject or doer of the object 

    Ali kicks the football 

    Ring the bail Ali 

    Ahmed spoke the truth 

    Intransitive verb (what is a verb example) :

    The intransitive verb can be defined as the verb that denotes an action that does not pass over the object or which express a state of being just like 

    Ali run a long distance (action)

    The baby sleeps ( state)

    There is a flaw in this diamond (being)

     The verb: person and number 

    A verb like the personal pronoun has three-person 

    Like first person

    I speak

    Second person

    You speak 


    He speaks 

    A verb is like a noun, and the pronoun has two number 


    He speaks 


    They speak 

    The verb must agree with its subject in number, and the person that is the verb must be the same as number and person as to its subject. 

    If the subject is a singular number, then the verb must be of the singular number. 

    For example 

    I have a watch 

    I play cricket 

    If the subject is a plural number, then the verb must be third person. 

    For example

    They are here. They were there

     In conclusion, reading, writing, and arithmetic are the three significant verbs of school. But the list of verbs goes on and on, from the simple to the complex, from the short to the long, from the formal to the informal. We don’t need to be schooled in verbs to use them, but we do need to use them to be schooled. And no matter what we learn about verbs, we’ll always be a little bit like Mr Wolf.

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