what is a verb examples

  What is verb examples? Verbs are the most common type of words, as they describe the action or help to express the state of being of an object or someone. When we speak, we use verbs in sentences. Verbs are words that show an action or are used to describe the state of a … Read more

Conjunction and kinds of conjunction

conjunction with examples conjunction Conjunction is a word that merely join together two words or sentence Conjunction join together sentences and make them more compact conjunction with examples Asif and Amir are good bowlers In a short way we can say Asif is a good bowler and Amir is a good bowler So  Raju is … Read more

Past indefinite tense with examples

 Past indefinite tense The past indefinite tense describes an action completed in the past. It often occurs with adverbs. For examples Ali left school last year I received his letter two weeks ago  Sometimes past indefinite tense is used without an adverb of time  I learned English in Karachi Ali didn’t sleep well last night … Read more

verbs of incomplete predication

 verbs of incomplete predication VERBS OF INCOMPLETE PREDICATION  Using a verb of incomplete predication correctly is a vital part of any language skill. But how do you know whether a verb of incomplete predication is correctly used? Perhaps the best way to learn about these verbs is by examining their use in sentences. For example, … Read more

forms of verb 1st 2nd and 3rd

  forms of verb 1st 2nd and 3rd Table of content Regular verbs Irregular verbs verbs whose all forms are same verbs whose two forms are same verbs with all forms different today we will know forms of verb 1st 2nd and 3rd with its different types   there are two types of verbs regular and irregular … Read more

Active and passive voice rules chart

    Table of Content Introduction Helping verbs Pronouns Four Basic rules to change active voice into passive voice Present Simple tense Present Continuous tense Present perfect tense Past Simple tense Past Continuous tense active and passive voice rules chart in this article i will discuss in detail the rules of active voice and passive … Read more

Tense chart English tense chart

 Tense chart      Table of content Tense chart with helping verb and verb form Tense chart with simple form ,negative form and interrogative form    Examples Tense chart explaining examples of affirmative negative and interrogative sentences Tense chart explaining passive voice formula In this article  I am going to discuss in detail about different tenses with the help … Read more

Synthesis of sentences

  Synthesis of sentence  Synthesis: synthesis is the opposite word of analysis that means the combination of two or more simple sentences into one new sentence, simple compound or complex sentence Follow is the way of a simple sentence into one simple sentence 1 using a particle Andrew jumped up. He ran away Jumping up, … Read more