Law Admission Test (LAT) Past Papers 12 November 2023

Higher education commission of Pakistan conducted law admission test paper on November 12 2023 in different cities of Pakistan it is very difficult to get full paper but below are some questions from each portion


1 It was so dark there _________ we couldn’t see anything

  1. That
  2. But

2 he is ______ cold

  1. Used to
  2. Used for

3 there is no one _____?

  1. Talk
  2. To talk
  3. Talking


Gloomy. Darkining 



Fragile   durable 

Abruptly.  Gradually slowly 

Credible untrustworthy 

Suspicious antonym?

General Knowledge

Group of Bees is called 

Answer A colony

Which of the following is the currency of Brazil

Answer BRL Brazilian real 

London is the capital of 

Answer England

Biggest animal in the world 

Answer blue wheel 

Biggest ocean is the world 

Pacific ocean

Which of the following is known as captain cool is cricket 

Answer MS Dhoni

Nelson Mandela belongs to which country

Answer south Africa

First page of website is called

Answer homepage 

In which galaxy earth is present

Milky way galaxy

Shortcut key to check spelling is 


Main function of parliament is 

To make laws 

Great barrier reef is located in which country 

Pakistan Study

1950 to 1952 pak liberal policy due to?

General yahya imposed Legal framework ordinance in?

National fruit of Pakistan


Now or never was published by 

Chaudhry rehmat Ali

In which year Nehru report published


Latest dam of Pakistan

Tarbela dam

Tashkent pact year 


Katas Raj temple Is located in


Terch mir s located in 


Allama iqbal book name 

Everyday Science

Number of bones in human body 


Which vitamin we get from sunlight 

Vitamin D


Number of makhi Surat


Meaning of Wahi 


In which surah completion of Deen is mentioned?


Who was the owner or master of Hazrat Bilal r.a ?

Hazrat jaffar tyar was martyred in which ghazwa?

Name of cave where hazrat Muhammad and Abu bakr satyed?

Israeel is name of which prophet?

Main motto of zakat?

To remove poverty

Descriptive portion


Why should death penalty should be removed

Effects of computer on our life 

How does media increased burtyitly in society

Personal statement

Tells us about your proudest moments


I had many proud moments in my life but among them the proudest moments was when my matric result was announced. I still remember the night before the result . I wasn’t able to sleep due to the tension and stress of the result. Somehow that long night passed in the Morning I offered my prayer in the morning and was waiting for the time to pass which was very difficult for me. Finally that moment came. I got the result message that I had secured 85% in the exam and topped my class and school in that year . It was also a record in my family because in my family the previous best was 80% of my uncle. My parents were very much happy about my success. I got congratulations messages from my family members and friends. My favorite English teacher also had wished on my success so this produest will forever In my memories because in life my life it was First time i think that i am capable of doing something in my life 

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