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    12 useful tips to fix  Low value content error

    12 useful tips to fix  Low-value content error in google Adsense 

    Google Adsense doesn’t clearly define the requirements for approving any blog or site for monetization just like YouTube where you have to complete 4k watch hours and 1k subscribers. So if you are the new blogger and applied for AdSense approval but unfortunately you have got the message of low-value content then this blog article is for you.

    Hello everyone, welcome to Javed Tech Factory. I hope you are fine and healthy today. We will discuss how to solve the low-value content error on Google Adsense so stick with me till the end.

    First of all, you have to understand the purpose of Google Adsense is the third party where advertiser promotes their products or services that they pay Google Adsense in return Adsense shows ads on the relevant sites so google AdSense want to sure that the sites which show have unique or original content that keeps user or visitor of sites busy so that he can stay on your site and that sites must have a good user experience.

    Now understand what is low value content the content which not adding any value to the user there are many reasons for that error some of them are given below

    Your content or article length could be very short. According to Google’s webmaster quality guidelines, the minimum length of any Article should be above 300 words Any article less than words is treated as thin content by Google.

    The niche of your content is very competitive or there are any articles on the same topic as yours available on the web so if your write in this niche then it will be very hard to rank to google and Google treated your content as low value.

    Content that has plagiarism is also the main reason for Low-value content.

    Some people praprghasred others’ content and then published it on their blog but according to Google’s webmaster quality guidelines, it is also low-value content.

    Spinning others’ articles is also the reason for Low-value content.


    Below are a few tips to fix low-value content 


    1  improve content 

    Content plays a very big role in getting AdSense approval so make sure to create your original unique content which is very less available on the internet so if you want to approve yours as soon as possible then you have to create your content.

    If you have already published an article then first of all check all the articles plagiarism makes your article’s title and heading unique from others to make your content valuable.


    2 site look

    Make sure your site has a clean and attractive look with a good navigation bar. Your site must show the space for the ads 


    3 customized your site user friendly


    Your site must be user-friendly so anyone can easily go anywhere to your site by clicking easily any user can interact with it. Font size must be in medium shape, not bigger, not the smaller so chooses the ideal medium size font that represents your content in the best way.


    4 Check scrap content

    The next step is to check all the scrap content on your site. You can find sites where you have to simply put the URL of your then automatically site will define the details of your content in a percentage like How much percentage of your content is original and duplicate try to make your content as original as much as possible because Google approves the content quickly which is original.


    5 create pages of your site 


    To get approval from AdSense you have, to create the following important pages on your site.


    About us 

    Contact us 


    Privacy policy

    Terms and conditions


    You can these pages manually and also using the different sites available on the web you just have to put the URL of your site then the page will be generated automatically.


    6 avoid using irrelevant links

    Google Adsense doesn’t approve the sites which have irrelevant or misleading links so if you are getting low-value content errors from Google Adsense try to remove irrelevant misleading and downloading links from your blog. It’s mentioned in the webmaster quality guidelines that Google will not approve the content which is giving a download option to the user.


    7 check the niche of your site


    Google AdSense doesn’t support content that is harmful or contains adult material. So before working on any niche make sure your niche is according to Google’s policy and it doesn’t have any harmful or adult material.


    8 check the language of your site


    Google AdSense doesn’t support certain types of language so if have a site that is in your native or any other Language make sure it supports Google Adsense. You can check all the languages that are supported by  Google Adsense on the AdSense site.


    9 check your site theme


    If are not using AdSense friendly theme then you may face trouble with AdSense account approval so make sure your theme is showing space for ads doesn’t matter if you are using a blogger or WordPress your site must have a clean and neat theme.

    10 check that your site is mobile-friendly


    Another reason for low-value content is that some sites are not mobile-friendly so you must make your site mobile-friendly.


    11 check your site speed 


    Sites speed is also a good factor for an approval check your site if it is loading fast then it may create a problem for you in the approval of AdSense if your site speed is not up to the par then definitely there will be a problem for you to get approval in Adsense. Make your site speed d least 80+ both on mobile and desktop.


    12 check Adsense requirement


    Below are considered some important points for Adsense approval


    Domain age: your sites domain age must be at least 6 months old


    Number of articles: you should post at least 20 original articles    


    Getting Adsense approval is not difficult at all you just have to follow simple and basic guidelines so I hope you have found fou helpful.

    That was all about 12 amazing tips to fix low-value content errors if you have any doubt you can ask them in the comment section

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