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     7 amazing Tips to get first order on Fiverr

    Hello everyone welcome to the Javed Tech Factory if you new freelancer and have started working on Fiverr but find it very hard to get the first order then don’t worry because today in this article I will share 7 most useful tips to get your first order on the Fiverr by applying these tips on the Fiverr you likely grab your first project. Most freelancers in the beginning can’t do the proper research and start the work without making their profile or gigs their way but research shows that if they don’t do the proper research then you will define find it very hard to get the project. So stick with me till the end you will surely learn many things about Fiverr.

    Below are the most amazing tips to get orders on Fiverr.


    1 Optimize your profile

    Your profile plays a big role in making your career successful in freelancing. It does not know which platforms you are using. If you don’t have an optimized profile that attracts the buyers then definitely you can’t get the order. On Fiverr apply the below steps to optimize your profile

    Use your real name instead of using your niche-related keyword. There are very low chances to get orders or not use your real name because the name is the trust factor in any field but if you own or represent any company you can also use that name.

    Short description.

    Keep short descriptions short and professional as a ” professional web designer with 5 years experience” description that will attract the buyers.


    First of all, don’t try to copy any part of the description from others but you can take ideas from them. In description tell about yourself like your qualifications, experience, and expertise in a passive way. Most new freelancers tried to copy the description of others without even reading them in full so it’s a pro tip for you that you don’t copy any of others’ descriptions.



    Language is also the key factor for the new freelancer to get the projects because most of the people who hire on the Fiverr are from other countries so it’s very important to add the other languages like English is must and also add French and Spanish language because the majority of Fiverr clients belong to these areas if don’t know these languages then don’t worry you can use Google translator to translate the client message into your language with its help try to communicate with the client.


    2 keyword research

    The main reason behind the failure of the new freelancer on Fiverr is that they create gigs with proper keyword research then their gig doesn’t get the ranking and also any order. Follow the below tips before creating gigs

    Search any particular keyword related to your service and how many gigs are on.

    Try various keywords related to your service and find a keyword that shows the minimum gigs and make your gig with that keyword

    Try to avoid making a keyword in which there are top-rated sellers.


    3 create 7 gigs

    Fiverr allows the freelancer to make 7 different types of gigs so make sure you create 7 different gigs related to your expertise with keywords with minimum gigs. When your profile has 7 different types of gigs then the chances of getting the order are very high because if any of you got ranked on top then you can easily be successful in the freelancing field so it is very necessary to have 7 gigs on your profile after doing proper research.


    4 promote your gigs on social media

    Social media is also one of the great sources for the freelancer to get clients so the new freelancer must share their gigs on the different social media platforms because there are chances to get clients from there then convenience them to give you order on Fiverr if they want to give you their projects or work.


    5 use buyers request

    Fiverr recently introduced a new way of hiring freelancers in which a client has to post their job description details on which freelancer bid price to get the project. New freelance may doesn’t see the bid request often but there are chance that they can see buyers’ requests at very late night when there are only a few freelancers online so make sure whenever trying to bid for the buyer’s request wisely make sure you bid range fallen with clients budget bid continuously of buyers request even if you are getting reply because by that you will be very much experienced in the bidding process and someday you will be got successful in your freelancing career.


    6 stay online 24/7 


    Most of the clients on Fiverr are from other countries. They have a different time zone than your country so for the new freelancer, it is very necessary to stay online 24/7 because when clients search for any service and then filter the gigs for only online freelancers by which most of the gigs disappeared so it is a very good chance for the new freelancer to get their projects.


    7 use video in gigs description instead of thumbnail

    Instead of making images in your gigs thumbnail, I would recommend you to use a video in which you have to describe yourself like your qualifications, experience, expertise and What are you offering to the clients.

    Most of the clients got attracted by gigs on which there is a video in the thumbnail so I would recommend you to make a video according to your profile description to attract the clients.



    Freelancing is all about the experience you will process to process and from time to time. No one is an expert in the beginning so when you are not getting clients on any freelance platforms it is my advice for you not to waste your time making more portfolios and learn new skills to improve your communication skills then someday you will surely get results from these

    So that was about 7 amazing tips to get first orders on Fiverr for the beginner I hope you would have like that till then goodbye have a day

    If you had any doubts or suggestions feel free to ask in the comment section below

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