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    8 ways to earn online money by blogging 


    Day by Day the blogging field becomes competitive and new bloggers find it very tough to earn money by blogging. Even some bloggers struggle to get AdSense approval because of competition and having not quality content.

    so in this article, I will tell you 8 ways to earn money from blogging in 2022 


    Use AdSense monetization

    AdSense is the most popular ad network across the globe many organizations around the world use AdSense for the purpose to reach out to their targeted audience and with Adsense, they can easily do it so AdSense is the first choice for bloggers to monetize their blogs to place AdSense ads on your blog you have to get Adsense approval nowadays it becomes very tough and challenging for the new bloggers to get approval from AdSense below are some eligibility criteria for AdSense approval


    The first and most important thing that matters to get approval from AdSense is the quality and uniqueness of content and it must add value to every visitor of your blog. AdSense did not approve the plagiarized content, so make sure your content is unique and attractive so that users stick with it.

    Another most important thing about your content is the length of your content according to Google’s webmaster quality guidelines the length of your blog post must be above 300 words but I would recommend that if you are the newcomers try to write a blog post as long as possible your blog article must add value to the visitors that. Google will approve your blog quickly

    Before applying for AdSense, you must know that AdSense does not support certain niches so before starting a blog, you must check with Adsense that your category is allowed for monetization.

     Domain age

    It doesn’t matter which type of domain you are using whether you are using a top-level or not your domain should be at least 6 months old but some bloggers even get approval from AdSense below even their domain age is not more than 6 months old 

    Create important pages

    Creating pages is also a great way to get approval from AdSense through the page on your website visitors and the Google webmaster will know what is the purpose of your blog so make sure your site has the following pages before applying for the AdSense

    About us

    Contact us


    Privacy policy

    Terms and conditions


    Navigation bar 

    You should have a navigation bar on your site so the user can easily go through your site for this purpose create a menu that provides all the categories of your blog


    Use AdSense alternative

    There are many AdSense alternatives available in the market you can use them for earning purposes some of them are even giving more than AdSense CPC so if you are getting approval from Adsense use this ad network for monetization on your blog 

    AdSense alternative

    Media. net






    By affiliate marketing

    Affiliate marketing is also a great source of income in the blogging field today many people are doing it first they are picking the product and then promote it on their blog when some click or purchase using their affiliate link they earn commission from it.


    By paid guest posting


    Guest posting is also a great source to make money for the blogger many people want to promote their blog on your site in return they will pay a handsome amount for the guest post even today many people offer guest posting in their blog for that even they charge $50 to $100 for a single guest post

    So if you want to earn money by providing guest post service then make sure your blog has a good reach of the audience as well as it has a great page speed and other SEO factors then you easily find clients for guest posting

    How to find clients for guest posting?

    It is a very good question you that how to find clients for the guest posting service their many places where you can easily find the client for the guest posting like you can find it on social networks like on the Facebook you will find many groups SEO related services on which you can find easily many clients

    Freelancing sites are also a great source to search for the client of the guest posting where many bloggers are in search of guests posting service


    Backlinks service


    Backlinks are also a great service to earn money for the blogger there are three types of backlinks

    Do follow

    No follow

    Web 2.0

    Bloggers are also earning good money by providing backlinks to others on their site every knows that backlinks are a great ranking factor so you can easily find the clients who are searching for the backlinks service on the social as well as freelancing sites like Fiverr Upwork etc 

    You can use all three kinds of backlinks.

    So don’t waste time hurry up and search for clients and Start making money with this method


    By freelancing 

    As you are already an expert in blogging you can also offer freelance service to the people on the different platforms Which are related to blogging like writing plugin installation etc. you can also find clients from social sites also so make your portfolio and search for the clients and start making money with this method  


    Write paid reviews

    Writing paid reviews is also a great source to make money by blogging. In this method you have to write different types of reviews for the different organizations in return you will get good money from them. Reviews can be in many forms like any service review  


    Sponsored post

    Sponsored or paid posts are also another way to earn money by posting sponsored posts on your blog. Many organizations will pay you for posting their content on your blog so they can gain some visitors or customers



    So these were the methods which I use personally to earn money by blogging there are also some others available on the internet so you can use them to earn money by blogging if you have any doubt you can ask in the comment section



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