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     7 amazing On-page SEO tips to boost the ranking

    Hello everyone, welcome to my blog. I hope you are doing well. If you are a beginner in learning the SEO and want to know the amazing tips on-page tips then you are at the right place because In this article I am gonna discuss with you the most amazing on-page SEO tips to boost your site search engine performance and these tips are so easy that even a beginner can easily practice and implement so get ready to get amazing on-page SEO tips below.


    1 use longtail keyword

    Using the Longtail keyword is a great way to boost your article ranking. Because research shows that the search engines do like the longtail keyword more than the short keyword. Longtail keywords also can get ranking other keywords relevant to that particular keyword. So it is a pro tip for the beginner of SEO learners that do proper research of the longtail keyword and find a perfect keyword with low competition or difficulty if you are a beginner then definitely you will get the better results there are free many and paid Longtail keyword research tools are available that will help you to find the longtail keyword choose the correct one according to your need.


    2 content is the king

    Without good and engaging content you can not able to get a ranking for that article so make sure your article  has the following things 

    The article should be unique and completely free from any Kind of grammatical errors for that you should use the tools like Grammarly for grammar error check and also for plagiarism detection.

    The language of articles must not be so difficult for the reader to understand so make sure your Article has a great readability score. There are various platforms available to check the readability score of your site higher. The score site ranking will be great.

    The article should have A to Z information about the topic or the keyword along with the pros and cons of that particular topic to make it attractive for the search engines you should include more things like FAQs and end with a strong conclusion to conclude the topic.

    The article’s length should be more than your competitors with ers with whom you are competing if your site is new and its domain and page authority are lower than your competitors make your article lengthy and knowledgeable.

    3 checklist for the article 

    To enhance the user experience and make the article SEO friendly follow the complete checklist of the article for that follow the below tips.

    Start the article with an introduction of the topic in a very best way

    Make sure your article has a table of contents. It has nothing to do with SEO ranking but it can enhance user experience and search engines like articles that have a great user experience.


    4 Keyword position

    Keyword positions are the Pillar of the on-page SEO without correct keyword positioning search engines will take time time to understand the  article and take time for the Ranking so make sure to put your keyword in the following places 

    Keywords should be in the title tag of the article in the H1, H2, and H3 tags.

    Your article’s Url must have the Keyword that you are targeting.

    Keywords in search descriptions do not boost the SEO performance but research shows that the putting keyword in article search descriptions can enhance CTR( click-through rate ) sites that have great CTR than their competitors can easily beat their competitors to get a top position from their competitors so make sure your keyword must be in the search description and make a t little bit bolder so user can easily go to your site.

    Article image and title tag must have the Keyword on which your article is based on config the image with proper name and keyword.

    At last, include the targeted keyword in the conclusion of your article it can also improve your on-page SEO performance.

    5 Don’t use the duplicate anchor text.

    Its joint in on-page SEO is that never includes duplicate anchor text because by doing it search engines may take it as spam.


    6 Use schema 

    Schema data is the JSON type code through which search engines can easily understand the nature of the article because Search engines like the data in JSON format you can create different types of schema to boost your site ranking because schema tells the correct information about your content to the search engines some of the schemas are given below

    1 Article 

    2 news article 

    3 breadcrumbs

    4 FAQ

    5 How to 

    5 recipe 

    6 event

    7 local business 

    8 logo

    9 movie 

    10 product

    11 QnA 

    12 Review snippet

    13 site link search box

    14 speakable 

    15 video

    Use any of the above schema data to get better results because by using these rich results your site’s SEO performance will be boosted.


    7 Check dwell time and optimize it

    Dwell time is the total time length that a particular person spend time on your page after he clicked through a particular search engine most of the time you have searched for particular answers and visited a certain page if you don’t find the answer you wanted you instantly hit the back button all this process is called the dwell time. most people think that the dwell is the bounce rate although there is a big difference between the bounce rate is calculated when a certain user visits only a single page after that he leaves your site. So if you want to optimize the dwell time Make your content user-friendly by giving a direct answer to a user in detail so the user sticks with your site.



    So these were the 7 amazing on-page SEO tips that will help your site’s ranking if you are a beginner in the SEO field most professionals want that their on-page score should be more than their competitors because it doesn’t do the proper on-page SEO then all their efforts will vent and there could not improve



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