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    important knowledge of oxygen with essential facts about oxygen 

     Oxygen is essential for living things because it plays a vital role in respiration; no living thing can survive without oxygen, which helps the living things organism grow to reproduce and turn food into energy. Most living things inhale oxygen humans take oxygen through their nose and mouth to their lungs. OXYGEN provides our cells with the ability to break down food to get the energy needed to survive; in simple words, we can say oxygen is a must for living things. Without oxygen, no living things can survive.

    oxygen was discovered for the first time by JOSEPH PRIESTLEY in 1774

    oxygen has an atomic number of 8

    oxygen has a mass number of 16

    The atmosphere has 21% oxygen inaccessible mode in the air 

    An average human consumes about 550 litres of pure oxygen or about 19 cubic feet per day

    OXYGEN is in the 6a group in the periodic table name of 6a group is CHALCOGENS

    symbol of oxygen is O

    The electronegativity of oxygen is the 3.44

    Oxygen has zero charge 

    OXYGEN is the earth’s most abundant element and 3rd most abundant element in the universe

    OXYGEN is a highly reactive nonmetal and also an oxidizing agent which readily forms oxides with elements and as well as some compounds

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