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    Famous Inventions theories and discoveries in the world

     1 Galileo was the first in the world who discover the rotation of the earth

    2. Kohler and Milstein discovered monoclonal antibodies.

    3. Mathew Barry invented photography

    4. Albert Sabin was first medicine expert who invented the Polio vaccine (oral)

    5. Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleyev was a Russian, and he was the first man who published his first version of the periodic table in 1869.

    6. James Clark was the first one world who invent the x-ray machine

    7. Arthur Campton was the first one who discovered x-rays and Cosmic rays.

    8. Chadwick discovered Neutron

    9. Galileo invented the telescope

    10. Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin

    11. Noble gases discovered by Cavendish

    12. Gun powder was first invented in China for the first time in the world 

    13. for the first time in the world, the Velocity of light was measured by Michelson

    14. Archimedes was the first man who gave laws about Floatation of Bodies 

    15. Balloon fly up in the air can be explained by according to Archimedes’s principle

    16. Dr Christian Bernard was the first surgeon to perform a heart transplant in 1967 in cape town(SA)

    17. Dr Barney B. Clark is the first man who received an artificial heart

    18. Barometer was invented by Pascal

    19. Robert Hook discovered Cell in 1665

    20. Atomic theory is given by Dalton

    21. Mosley gives the atomic number

    22. Bacteria by Leeunhock

    23. Blood circulation by William Harvey

    24. Calculus by Newton

    25. Co2 by Fischer

    26. Chlorine by K. Scheele

    27. Oxygen by Priestley

    28. Hydrogen by Cavendish

    29. Dynamite by Alfred B. Nobel

    30. DNA by Watson Crick

    31. Electric resistance by Ohm

    32. Electrolysis by Faraday

    33. Electron by J.J. Thomson in 1897

    34. Neutron by Chadwick

    35. Proton by Rutherford

    36. Ozone by Echonbein

    37. Radioactivity by Becquerel

    38. Insulin by Banting & Best

    39. Human heart transplant by Bernard

    40. Vaccine (smallpox) by Edward Jenner

    41. Atom Bomb by Otto Hahn

    42. Airplane (jet engine) by Ohlin

    43. Balloon by Mont Golfer

    44. Barometer by Torricelli

    45. Bicycle (modern) by Starley

    46. Bifocal lens by Benjamin Franklin

    47. Burner (gas) by Bunsen

    48. Calculating machine (digital) by Charles Babbage

    49. Camera (photographic) by Josef N. Niepce

    50. Computer (electronic) by J.P.Eckert and J.W.Mauckly

    51. Eastman Kodak invented the digital camera

    52. Gas engine by Daimler

    53. Electric fan by wheeler

    54. Electric motor by Michael Faraday

    55. Gun powder by Roger Bacon

    56. Gas engine (four-cycle) was invented by Otto and Daimler

    57. Jet engine by Frank Whittle

    58. Lamp (incadecent) by Thomas Edision

    59. Montgolfier invented the balloon.

    60. Talbot invented photographic paper.

    61. Dickenson invented the paper machine.

    62. Lamp (mercury) by Hewit

    63. Machine gun by Gatling

    64. Microphone by Graham Bell

    65. Motor cycle by Daimler

    66. Pen (fountain) by Waterman

    67. Pen (ball-point) John Loud Biro

    68. Piano by Christopher

    69. Printing press by Guten Berg

    70. Radar by Watson Watt

    71. Refrigerator by Ferdinand Carre

    72. Rocket Engine by Goddard

    73. Safety pin by Walter Hunt

    74. Stainless steel by Herry Brearley

    75. Stream boat by Albans

    76. Telephone by Graham Bell

    77. Radio by Marconi

    78. Telescope (reflecting) by Galileo

    79. Telescope (refracting) by Newton

    80. Television (mechanical) by J.L. Baird

    81. Television (electric) by Farnsworth

    82. Thermometer by Galileo

    83. Termomter (mercury) by Farhenheit

    84. Typewriter by Henry Mill

    85. Celcius devised Centrigrade scale

    86. Louis Pasture discovered bacteria.

    87. Goldstein discovered proton

    88. Christopher Cockerel invented what: Hovercraft

    89. James Dewer, in 1872, invented the Vacuum or thermos flask

    90. Electron was discovered in 1897.

    91. Oxygen was discovered in 1774.

    92. Tomas A Edison was American.

    93. Arthur Compton was the first in the world who discover X-rays and Cosmic rays  

    94. William Harvey discovered his blood pressure first time  

    95. Banting discovered insulin.

    96. ECG invented by Einthogen.

    97. on the 2nd Monday in October, Columbus Day is observed 

    98. Oxygen was the first in the world who discovered by Priestly in 1774

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