what is noun and its types


what is Noun and its types

 In grammar, parts of speech have very much importance. There are seven parts of speech; the first of them is Noun.

Below we have described the complete detail of nouns and their kinds with proper examples.

Noun :

 The Noun is the name of everything in this world. Everything has been named as its identity. It can be a person, place or things name 

for example, Ali school Karachi

Types of Noun

Common Noun:

 Common Noun refers to the common name of a person’s place or thing; for example, school girl city school is the common just like girl and city.

Proper Noun:

 Proper Noun is the specific name of a person, place, or thing. For example, Ahmed Saint Theresa school Karachi are specific boy school and city names.

More types of Common Noun

Collective Noun

 : Collective Noun is used to show the name of a collection or number of a person place or things that are together and spoken as a whole or one 

Like army crowd family committee team nation

 Abstract Noun:

 Abstract Noun is the name of a quality state or action considered apart from the object to whom it belongs

Example of Abstract Noun

State: sleep poverty youth childhood sickness slavery 

Quality: hardness brightness Goodness whiteness kindness 

Action: judgement movement laughter hatred theft

Arts and science names like ( music, grammar, chemistry ) etc., are also Abstract Noun.

Abstract noun form adjective

Honesty from honesty, kindness from the kind

Abstract Noun from verbs

Growth from grow

Abstract Noun from common Noun

Slavery from slave childhood from a child

Countable Noun:

 countable Noun are the names of people; please object that we can easily count  

For example, horse boy doctor pen book 

Uncountable Noun : 

uncountable nouns are the names of things that we can not count 

For example, gold oil sugar 

Generally, countable nouns have plural forms, but uncountable nouns don’t. For example, we can say books but can’t say milk. 

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