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    Telenor balance save code and method



    Hello everyone, welcome to learn here 365 days hope you are fine and well. Today I will discuss Telenor balance save code and methods.

    If you are a Telenor user and you are facing a lot of trouble regarding your balance and you have always worried while using the internet that you Amy incur some extra charges then you are at the right place follow the instructions that are given below.


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    What is Telenor balance save offer?

    Telenor allows its user to save balance by its offer name as bill shock offer when Telenor users do not have any data package their bill shock MBS will be deducted after they run out of any internet MBs.

    Code to save Telenor balance is *503# and users can get 300 MB for 30 days at the price of 5 PKR


    How to save the Telenor balance while using the internet?


    Telenor allows it’s users to save balance while using the internet by its offer name as bill shock offer users can easily save their balance from deductions while using the internet by dialing code *503#



    Telenor balance save code 2022 is *7799#


    Telenor has recently introduced a new service through which you can easily save your balance while using internet data just follow the below process

    Telenor balance save code


    • Open your mobile dial pad and dial “*7799#

    • And now follow all the instructions that are given by the Telenor

    • Confirm your subscription service

    • Shortly you can receive the message regarding the series subscription 

    • Upon receiving the subscription message now are successfully subscribed to the ” balance save service

    This balance lock or save service is very simple In Terms of subscription and now you can easily use the internet on Telenor without incurring any extra charges from your balance once your data bundle end it automatically doesn’t use your any balance for Internet data purpose when you don’t have any data or internet bundle activated 

    Method 2

    This second is also very simple to activate balance save service on your Telenor sim just follow the below instructions to activate this series

    Telenor balance save code


    • Open your mobile dial pad and dial Telenor helpline number “345”.

    • Once the Telenor operator is connected with you on the call.

    • Upon connecting with Telenor operator ask him to activate the “balance save service”

    • The operator will take 1 to 2 mint to activate that service

    • After activation of the service, you will receive the message of service activation.

    Telenor balance save code charges 

    There are no extra charges for the Telenor balance save code you can avail this offer completely free

    Terms and conditions 

    • You will not be able to use inherent data without having any internet data package 
    • These services are free to use.
    • Once you activate it you don’t need to activate it every time it will automatically subscribe every time 
    • Calling with Telenor helpline operator may incur some charges 
    • postpaid customers can not avail this offer only prepaid customers can use this offer

    Frequently asked questions


    What is the code to save balance while using the internet?


    *7799# is the code to save balance on Telenor while using the Internet 


    What is the code of Telenor balance?


    *444# is the balance code of Telenor



    How can I check my remaining internet MBs?


    You can check your remaining internet MBS on Telenor by simply dialing *999#.


    Telenor is the one of best and second enormous mobile data provider networks in Pakistan due to its service it has captured a large share of the market in Pakistan in terms of telecom service providers. 

    So this was all about Telenor balance save code I hope you like that if you have any doubt regarding this or you are facing difficulties while activating this service you can ask in the comment section till then goodbye.

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