9 golden tips on writing a job-winning proposal on Upwork

9 golden tips on writing a job-winning proposal on Upwork Hello everyone, welcome to my blog. I hope you are fine and healthy. Freelancing is becoming so popular these days and many professionals are quitting their job and doing freelancing and earning more than their salary by sitting at home. There are various platforms available … Read more

12 useful tips to fix Low value content error in google adsense

  12 useful tips to fix  Low-value content error in google Adsense  Google Adsense doesn’t clearly define the requirements for approving any blog or site for monetization just like YouTube where you have to complete 4k watch hours and 1k subscribers. So if you are the new blogger and applied for AdSense approval but unfortunately … Read more

what is a verb examples

  What is verb examples? Verbs are the most common type of words, as they describe the action or help to express the state of being of an object or someone. When we speak, we use verbs in sentences. Verbs are words that show an action or are used to describe the state of a … Read more

Conjunction and kinds of conjunction

conjunction with examples conjunction Conjunction is a word that merely join together two words or sentence Conjunction join together sentences and make them more compact conjunction with examples Asif and Amir are good bowlers In a short way we can say Asif is a good bowler and Amir is a good bowler So  Raju is … Read more

Past indefinite tense with examples

 Past indefinite tense The past indefinite tense describes an action completed in the past. It often occurs with adverbs. For examples Ali left school last year I received his letter two weeks ago  Sometimes past indefinite tense is used without an adverb of time  I learned English in Karachi Ali didn’t sleep well last night … Read more

verbs of incomplete predication

 verbs of incomplete predication VERBS OF INCOMPLETE PREDICATION  Using a verb of incomplete predication correctly is a vital part of any language skill. But how do you know whether a verb of incomplete predication is correctly used? Perhaps the best way to learn about these verbs is by examining their use in sentences. For example, … Read more