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     Bowling green state university:

    Bowling green state university

    Bowling Green State University is one of the best and most popular public universities located in Bowling Green, Ohio city. It is spread over a very good area of about 13acrescre on the main academic and residential area. University has recognized both nationally and internationally research facilities in the social, natural, education, science, business, arts, health, Humanities, wellness, and applied technologies.


    Bowling Green State University was established about 111 years ago in September 1910 in Ohio city.

    It has the current working academic staff of 1982on which is 1109 faculty, and 873 graduate assistants. 1916 administrative staff Also working there.

    Currently, 20,395 students are studying on the main campus while 22,896 students are studying on the other campus among them 19,183 are undergraduate while 3803 are post-graduate 

    Bowling Green State University address:

    Bowling Green State University’s main campus is located in Bowling Green, Ohio, United States, and its campuses are located all over the world from there students can furthermore take the course of this academy.

    Bowling Green State University tuition:

    Bowling Green State University also offered tuition for both graduate and postgraduate students on all campuses; they charge the fee according to the credit hours that a student is enrolled. It also depends upon the students’ location program in which the student is enrolled and also credit hours. University also does not responsible for providing books and other material if any wants to purchase books or other study material, therefore they have to pay a separate fee for that.

    Bowling Green State University acceptance rate:

    The acceptance rate at Bowling Green University is 75%. Students that want to take admitted to this university must have an average SAT score between 1021-1210 or an average ACT score of 20-26

    Admission requirement. 

    • A high school GPA is necessary 

    • High school rank is not required but recommended 

    • All high school transcripts are required 

    • College preparation course required 

    • SAT/ACT is not required but it is considered 

    Bowling Green State University cost:

    The cost or fee of bowling green state university depends upon the program college and credit hours students have to pay the fees in the following way. 

    Cost of attendance:

    Undergraduate (full time = 12 credit hours) costs or fees are given below 

    Tuition and fees= $20,500 

    Insurance and books = $3,000 

    Rooms and meals= $11,000

    Total academic year= $34,500

    Graduate ( full time= 8 credits) 

    Tuition and fees= $16,000

    Insurance and books = $3,000 

    Rooms and meals= $11,000

    Total academic year = $30,000 

    All these fees are in US dollars 

    All fees can be changed because directly subject to the change with the  board of trustee approval

    An academic year is different than a calendar year 

    Bowling Green State University graduate programs:

    A complete list of graduates programs that are offered by green bowling state universities is discussed below 

    Master of accountancy:

    This BGSU program master of accountancy will give you an edge in your accounting and business career this program gives many advantages to the graduate who is in the field of accountancy 

    You can yourself way ahead with this 12-month program from others’ competition by earning a 

    Earning a master’s in accountancy in n addition to your bachelor’s degree 

    You will become eligible and better prepared to take CPA exams.

    Administration of higher education certificate:

    The department of education BGSU offers three different graduate programs certificate for the educational professionals 

    1 Diversity and inclusion in higher education 

    2 Administration of higher education and 

    3 Research and assessment in higher education 

    By earning these certificates professionals who are working in the education sector can get administrative roles in different educational institutes like schools colleges 


    At least 12 credit hours are required for a graduate certificate in the administration of higher education 

    Minimum 3.0 GPA 

    Alternative Resident educator:

    This BGSU Alternative resident educator program lets students apply for the professional teacher certificate after doing this successfully graduate will get the requirement of course work for a professional teaching license. 

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