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    Adverb and kinds of adverb advance english grammar

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    Adverbs and kinds of adverbs advance English grammar.

    : Adverb 

    An adverb is a word that tells the meaning of a verb, an adjective or with another adverb an adjective or another adverb.

    For example, how, how much, how far. 

    Sometimes adverb standing at the beginning of the sentence defines the whole sentence rather than any particular word. 

    For example

    Probably Ahmed is mistaken

    Indeed, you are wrong 

    The facts are incorrect

    Unfortunately, he lost his mobile

    Luckily he escaped the accident

    Kinds of adverbs

     Adverb of time 

    This kind of adverb is used to show the time. 

    For example, it generally shows when 

    Ali comes here daily 

    Mr Awan formerly lived here 

    He hurt his knee yesterday

    Adverb of Frequency

    This type of adverb shows how often action is performed

    Ahmed often makes mistakes

    Aslam has told you twice 

    Ali always tries to do his best

    Rahul frequently comes unprepared

    Adverb of place 

    This type of adverbs show the action where 

    For example 

    Come here 

    Go there 

    My cousin is out 

    Walk forward

    Anand looked up 

    Adverb of manner

    This types of adverb show how or in what manner 

    For example

    Ali reads clearly 

    The Sindhis fought bravely 

    He slept soundly

    He works hard 

    Adverb of Quantity or degree

    This type of adverbs show how much or in what degree or to what extent

    For example

    Ahmed was so careless 

    He is so glad 

    He sings pretty well 

    He is as ta as Ahmed

    He was quite wrong

    He is fully prepared

    Interrogative adverb 

    This type of adverb is used to ask any question in the sentence

    For example

    Where is he 

    When did Ali come 

    Why are you late 

    How high is Islamabad

    Relative adverb

    This type of adverb show or relates or refers back to its antecedent house just like the relative pronoun 

    For example

    This is the reason why he left 

    Do you know the time when the Sindh express arrives

    Simple adverb 

    These types are of adverb is used to modify the meaning of a verb adjective or an adverb 

    For example

    He can hardly believe it 

    How brightly the stars shine 

    He was quite wrong

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