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    How to check Telenor number 

    Are you a Telenor user who has forgotten your Telenor number and is looking for how to check your Telenor number? Then you are at the right place because, in this article, you will know the latest methods about how to check Telenor Sim numbers.

    Telenor offers different types of Sims according to the customer needs like prepaid, postpaid MBB internet, and business SIM, but these methods that I will tell will work on all types of sim.

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     Telenor number check code 2022

    A first and very easy method to check Telenor number to send message 7421 like below

    Sending a text message to 7421

    Go message and type anything like my number or something else you like your name and send it to 7421 soon after seconds, 

    How to check telenor number

    you will get a reply in which your Telenor number is written, 

    How to check telenor number

    and this method is completely free. Also, it does not have any hidden charges.

    By IVR call on 7421

    How to check telenor number

    The second method that I am going to tell you to check your Telenor number is to do an IVR free of cost Call on number 7421, and that will automatically end after a few seconds than shorty you will receive a message which has your number

    How to check telenor number

    By installing my Telenor app: 

    This method is also very easy and quick to check Telenor numbers in just a few steps on Android or iOS users. Just follow the below steps. 

    Go to your respective play store, Search my Telenor app and click to install it

    How to check telenor number

    After installing my Telenor app, you should open it, and it will automatically verify your Telenor number, and you will see your Telenor sim number on the top of your screen


    How to check telenor number

    missed call anyone:

    This method also very easy to know your Telenor number. Just give a free missed call to your friend or any relative and then ask for your number from them.

    You can also know your Telenor number by calling another number, like calling your friends or family members and then asking them to tell you your Telenor number from which they receive a call.

     Telenor online chat support

    Another quickest way you can know your Telenor SIM number online is to chat with a Telenor representative on Their website. For this, you should follow these steps.

     Go to the Telenor official Chat support website by following this link

    Enter your name and any other your number

    Then click on the start chat

    Write your problem and provide your necessary information to the representative, like your name, NIC number, and IMSI number on the backside of your Telenor sim. After that Telenor chat supporter or representative will provide you with your Telenor number and detail.


    By calling Telenor helpline on 345

    How to check telenor number

    You can also know your Telenor sim number by calling Telenor customer care 345 and telling them your details after meeting their requirements. Then, they will tell you your Telenor sim number.


    So that is it. I hope you have solved your problem through this article on how to check Telenor numbers, but still, if you are facing problems, you can ask in the comment section. If you find this helpful, then please share it with your friends.

      Telenor number check 2022 codes

    How to check telenor number

    About Telenor

    Telenor Pakistan (Pvt) Limited is the 2nd largest mobile digital and cellular service provider in Pakistan. Its owner is Telenor Group, among the best multinational service providers of mobile-related services like data, voice, and content. It started its operation in Pakistan in 2005. They have about 48 million happy customers, which almost captures the 26% cellular market in Pakistan. More than 1400 employees are working now since launch they have invested more than $5 Billion.

    Faqs about Telenor number 2022?

    You can check your Telenor number by writing anything, and then send it 7421 in reply. You will know your number.

     How to check Telenor’s remaining balance?

    You can check your remaining Telenor balance by just dialing *444# or calling 555


    that was all about how to check Telenor number  I hope you have understood it still have any doubt you can ask in the comment section  

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