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    How to check Jazz number

    Hello everyone, welcome to my blog. If you are a user of Pakistan’s most popular and largest mobile network and don’t know how to check jazz numbers, you are in the right place because today, I will share a few latest methods of checking jazz numbers with or without any balance.


    1 By dialing the direct USSD code on the jazz number

     First of all, open your mobile dial pad

    Then dial *99#, 

    How to check Jazz number

    press the call button, and select jazz network if you use two sims mobile.

    How to check Jazz number

    After just 5 to 8 seconds, your jazz number is on the screen like below.


    How to check Jazz number

    This method is entirely free if you don’t have to spend anything on it.






    2 By sending a text message to 667


    To check your jazz sim by this method, you should open a text message app

    Go new message and type MNP and send it 667

    How to check Jazz number

    After this, you will receive a reply like this from this same number below, which has your number, name, and other details.


    How to check Jazz number

    This method incurs some charges.


      Send it to






    3 call jazz helpline


    If the above two methods do not work, you should contact jazz helpline number 111 to talk with the jazz customer service agent. Then the agent will ask for your details like NIC number, mother name, date of birth, etc. After verifying your identity, the agent will let you know your number.

    The charges of calling with an agent will be applicable.


    4 Text or call any of your relatives


    It is a very straightforward way to know your jazz number. You should call or text any of your friends or family members, then ask them to tell you your number.


    5 By installing the Jazz world app

    You should go to your respective play store and search my jazz world, then will jazz official app and install it.

    How to check Jazz number

    After installing it, open it. It will automatically verify your number and show your number and other details on the top of the app screen like below.


    How to check Jazz number

    Frequently asked questions:


    How can I check my jazz number through SMS?


    You can check your jazz number through SMS by typing MNP and sending it to 667. You will receive your number soon.


    How can I check my jazz number for free?


    For this, you have to dial a straightforward USSD code on your jazz sim *99#


    How can I check my sim owner’s name?


    Type MNP and send it to 667. In reply, you will know your sim owner details and also the activation date


    How can I know my jazz number on the jazz helpline?


    You can know your jazz number by having a call talk to the jazz helpline agent by dialing 111



     About Jazz:

    Pakistan mobile communications limited, currently doing business as Jazz, is the largest mobile network in Pakistan. It was founded in 1994. It was formerly also known as Mobilink. As of February, Jazz (Mobilink) has 74 million subscribers in Pakistan. Among them, 35 million are LTE/4G subscribers. Amir Hafeez Ibrahim is the current CEO of Jazz.


    so that was all about how to check jazz numbers. If had liked it, then share it with your friends and family members, and if you have doubt, you can ask in the comment section below.  



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