4 Easy methods to Check Jazz Balance in 2022

 How to check Jazz balance

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Hello everyone, welcome to learn here 365 days. I hope you are fine and healthy. Jazz is Pakistan’s leading cellular network because of its excellence in service and features which are according to the user’s needs. If you are a new jazz user and don’t know how to check jazz balance, you are at the right place because, in this article, I will guide you on how to check jazz balance with the easy and latest methods.


How to check Jazz balance (4 easy methods in 2022)


There are four ways in which user can check their balance all four are described in detail below


How to check Jazz balance code?

The first and very easy method to check jazz balance has directly dialed a code from jazz sim after dialing within seconds balance will show on the screen 

To check Jazz balance with this method dial ” *111# ” After dialing you will receive a message like the below in which your balance is shown.


How to Check Jazz Balance

Check Jazz balance using Jazz’s WhatsApp self-service

Technology and innovation are the only reason Jazz is the top-level mobile network in Pakistan. Nowadays Jazz user can check their balance through Jazz innovative features such “WhatsApp self-service” to check your jazz balance follow the below step 

1 first of all save Jazz’s WhatsApp number (03003008000) in your phone directory

2 after saving the number start chatting with the jazz customer care agent by sending a “Hi” message 

How to Check Jazz Balance

3 you will see the menu there like below in the picture 


How to Check Jazz Balance

4 then to check the balance reply with “4” to select ” balance and usage details” 


How to Check Jazz Balance

5 you will see your balance details and also your other remaining usage in a message like below


Check Jazz balance by using “The jazz world” app 


Jazz also an excellent service for its user to check their remaining balance and details of their package in-app named ” Jazz world ” so if you want to check your balance and other details then follow the below steps

1 Go to play store ( Android or iOS) and search “jazz world” you will an app there install it 

2 After installing the app open it Then the app will ask you to verify your jazz number if you are first time user through an OTP message enter that OTP in-app 

3 after verifying your number you will app surface on the top of the app your balance and other remaining details are shown in the below image


How to Check Jazz Balance

Check jazz balance with the jazz helpline 

You can also check your balance by calling jazz helpline “111” through an IVR call customer care agent will tell you about your current package balance etc with their expiry date.

Charges are PKR .12 

 Jazz balance check 2022


these are all codes that used to check jazz balance in 2022







0.72 PKR


Jazz helpline

.12 PKR



Data charges may apply




About Jazz

Jazz is Pakistan’s leading cellular network and it is continuously dominating the field telecom sector with Zong and Telenor are the main competitors. There are many reasons for jazz dominance it’s excellent service and it is also the fastest internet providing network in Pakistan according to OKALA.


Terms and conditions

These methods are only for prepaid customer

Charges sometimes may vary because of the basic package although they can these methods instead of which method they are using 

The charges are excluding taxes standard tax applies each time to check the jazz balance

These are the latest methods which are also tested by personal experience although codes can be changed from time to time.

If you have any further doubt call the jazz helpline “111” or visit any of the near jazz franchises.


Frequently asked the question:

How to check jazz balance usage history online?

If you want to check your balance usage history online then install the “Jazz World” app

After installing it run then verify your number with OTP finally open the app then click on “history” there you can see the details of your balance usage for the past 30 days. 

How to check Jazz balance on postpaid?

To check the balance on the jazz postpaid number the number Jazz helpline 111.


So these were all the latest methods about how to check Jazz balance I hope you had liked it if you have any doubt suggestions feel free to ask in the comment sections and also share them with your relatives or friends so they also can get benefits from it till then goodbye see soon with another topic


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