3 Easy Steps to Share Telenor balance in 2022

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How to share Telenor balance 

Hello, everyone. Welcome to my blog. Today will know how to share Telenor balance with any other Telenor with the latest 100% working method. In today’s fast-moving world, sometimes our friends or any other relative need our help in the form of minimum balance to avoid any crisis or face any trouble, so they ask us to help in the form of balance share. If you don’t know how to share Telenor balance, you are at the right place. Today I will teach the straightforward method to transfer credit on a Telenor number.

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Telenor balance share method 2022

If you are doing first-time balance sharing, you have to activate this service by calling the Telenor helpline on 345. Tell them you want to use Telenor balance share service

After service activation, use the following method to share the balance to any Telenor number

*1*1*92 Telenor number on which you want to share balance with zero*amount that you want to share# after dialing that USSD code you Will have to confirm this transaction by reply 1 to YES 0 to NO you so for processing this transaction reply it with 1


If you don’t get It, then I will further do it for you by giving you a real-time example

If you to share Telenor balance on the number like 03456767890 50 rupees, then your USSD code will be like below


How to share Telenor balance

After dialing this, confirm it by replying 1

How to share Telenor balance

I hope you have got your answer on how to share the Telenor balance.


Terms and conditions

Charges to use this service is PKR 5.98 inclusive of tax

This offer is only for Telenor prepaid users. Postpaid users can not use this offer

The minimum balance share limit is 20

The maximum balance share limit is 200

Balance share service can avail a maximum of ten times a day

The balance will remain valid for the same period

FAQS about Telenor balance share

Will I get my balance refunded if I incorrectly share the balance on the incorrect number or type number?

No, you can not get your balance back once it has transferred to any other number because balance sharing is irreversible.

How do I subscribe/activate to Telenor smart balance share?

You can activate/subscribe Telenor balance share service by calling 345 or visiting any nearby Telenor service center to start the intelligent share service.

Can I share my balance with the postpaid number?

No, this offer is valid only for Telenor prepaid user

Can I use the balance for the internet or SMS package?

You can use this shared balance for all digital voice services and SMS packages.


Some people always want to help other people face any trouble or crisis. Such people have a kind heart and are considered gems in our world. So, are you that type of person who wishes to support and help others? Suppose you are a Telenor user with a lot of balance, and some needy friend or family member approaches you and asks you to share some credit with them. The only impediment which can persist is that you might not know how to share the balance from the phone. You don’t need to worry as we will guide you about it.

Using the Telenor innovative balance share feature, you can easily share your balance or credit with your friends and family.

If you have got a Telenor sim, the balance share code mentioned below would quickly let you share your balance.

So that is all about how to share Telenor balancehope you have enjoyed it. If any doubt or suggestions, you can ask in the comment section

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