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    If you are a Warhammer 40k player or fan, you might be familiar with the Emperor’s Children, one of the factions in the game. However, if you find yourself wanting to hide or obscure the Emperor’s Children in your army or collection, here are some tips on how to do so effectively.

    here in this article you will know 10 ways to hide the emperor’s child

    1 Use Camouflage

    The simplest and most effective way to hide the Emperor’s Children is to use camouflage. You can paint your models with a different colour scheme or use other decals to make them stand out less. For example, instead of the usual purple and gold, you can paint them in darker colours like black or brown.

    2 Cover Them Up

    Another way to hide the Emperor’s Children is to cover them up with additional armour or cloaks. This will not only make them less visible, but it will also make them look more intimidating and imposing on the battlefield. You can use plasticard or green stuff to create additional armour or add cloaks made of fabric or other materials.

    3 Modify the Models

    You can also modify the Emperor’s Children models to make them look different from their original designs. For example, you can remove or replace their iconic helmets or add other weapons or equipment to their load-outs. You can also add or remove additional details or decorations to make them look less like Emperor’s Children and more like a different faction.

    4 Use Count-As

    If you still want to use the Emperor’s Children models in your army but don’t want them recognized as such, you can use the “count-as” rule. This means you use the Emperor’s Children models to represent a different unit in your army. For example, you can use them as Chaos Space Marines or another Chaos faction.

    5 Use Allies

    You can use allies to hide the Emperor’s Children in your army. You can include other units or factions that distract your opponent’s attention from the Emperor’s Children. For example, you can consist of Daemons or Renegades in your army that will draw the enemy’s focus away from the Emperor’s Children.

    6 Convert the Models

    Another way to make the Emperor’s Children less recognizable is to convert them into different models. This involves using plastic cards, green stuff, or other materials to change the shape or appearance of the models. For example, you can convert Emperor’s Children Noise Marines into regular Chaos Space Marines by removing their sonic weapons and adding bolters or other weapons.

    7 Use Terrain

    You can also use terrain to hide the Emperor’s Children on the battlefield. By positioning your models behind walls, buildings, or other terrain features, you can obscure them from view and make it harder for your opponent to target them. You can also use terrain to create a distraction or diversion, drawing your opponent’s attention away from the Emperor’s Children.

    8 Use Stratagems

    Many Warhammer 40k armies have access to stratagems, special rules that can be used during the game to gain an advantage. Some of these stratagems can make the Emperor’s Children less visible or more challenging to target. For example, Chaos Space Marines have a scheme called “Infernal Gaze,” which allows them to target an enemy unit that is not visible to them.

    9 Use Psychic Powers

    Similarly, many armies have access to psychic powers that can be used to hide or obscure units on the battlefield. For example, the Chaos Daemons army has a psychic ability called “Invisibility,” which makes the team invisible to the enemy until it shoots, charges, or is charged. This can keep the Emperor’s Children hidden until they are ready to strike.

    10 Use Deployment Tricks

    You can use deployment tricks to keep the Emperor’s Children hidden until later in the game. For example, you can deploy them in reserve and bring them in after using deep strikes or other special rules. You can also deploy them in a way that makes them less visible, such as behind other units or in terrain features.


    By using these additional techniques, you can make it even harder for your opponent to find and target the Emperor’s Children. This can give you a strategic advantage on the battlefield and make your army more exciting and unique.

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